August 14, 2018

New Startup Aims to Revolutionize Reverse Mortgages

New startup, LLC, announced today the launch of, an online reverse mortgage lending platform. MortgageRewind wants to help borrowers rethink their mortgage future by eliminating expensive monthly mortgage payments.

Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in gorgeous Summit County, MortgageRewind was launched to fill the void in financial solutions for retired Americans. There are currently more than 32 million baby boomer homeowners and the number of seniors in the United States is expected to more than double in the next three decades.

“After months of development, collaboration, training, and education, we are proud to announce the launch of,” said Jered Klima, President and Founder. “We realized there’s a need for more available lenders that can offer reverse mortgages as a smart financial tool for those 62 or older.”

One study found that only eleven-percent of American retirees use their home equity as a source of retirement income and 24 percent of baby boomers expect their children to help fund their retirement. The online mortgage website will help more Americans enjoy their retirement years by delivering reverse mortgage products to those who want to take advantage of the equity that’s tied into their mortgage.

“The average American couple aged 65 or older has more than two-thirds of their total wealth tied up in home equity, which is a big problem for someone no longer working and receiving minimal or no retirement income,” Klima said. “That’s exactly why I’m so dedicated to the success of this company and the financial security of retired Americans.”

MortgageRewind is fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau and hopes to reach 100% in their customer satisfaction rating by becoming the number one trusted partner in online reverse mortgages.

How our Loans Work:

MortgageRewind utilizes advances in technology to provide a simple and efficient loan application process.

Step 1: Submit your 100% risk-free initial application online or over the phone with a dedicated licensed loan officer

Step 2: Discuss lending options with a licensed loan officer

Step 3: Review your FREE custom loan proposal

Step 4: Schedule and attend HUD-certified counseling session

Step 5: Submit your final application for funding

Step 6: Work with underwriting to complete the funding process

Step 7: Close on loan and start enjoying a simplified homeownership lifestyle

MortgageRewind currently offers all types of reverse mortgages, home equity loans, new purchase mortgages, and mortgage refinancing. Lending through MortgageRewind will initially only be available to residents of Colorado, but the company plans to expand nationwide later this year.


Silverthorne-based is helping to lead the nation in becoming the number one online reverse mortgage lender. The company founder, Jered Klima, is well known in the finance industry for being a digital pioneer in online lending and lines of credit. MortgageRewind is committed to delivering a fast and efficient loan process with industry-leading rates in the state of Colorado. Rethink your mortgage future with For more information, please visit or call (833) 2-REWIND.

Written By Mortgage Rewind